welcome to sunday comfies!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

hey y'all,
welcome to sunday comfies, I am so excited about this new opportunity that I cannot contain it (ask matt).  Many of you are here from the old blog, and I am glad you are stopping by this new one and seeing what it is all about, and you other readers are REAL life people I know. (mind blown). The last blog reflected parts of me, but not ME as a whole, I kept it a secret from my friends and family and I felt I was in sooo deep that I couldn't tell them about it one thousand post in. So I deleted it.
Starting fresh. It feels good.  It feels like sunday morning. (see what i did there.)

This blog will reflect me, my life with matt, and our journey together. Mostly it's going to be about me, but Bogey and Matt will make several cameo appearances. (bogey=our black lab, in case you were wondering.)

I am going to showcase some of my photography shoots, recipes, DIY-wannabe crafter right here (yea, get excited), and just anything that comes to mind.  I would like to consider this as a "lifestyle" blog, but lifestyle just really means I don't categorize myself as anything because well...I will write about whatever I feel like it. boom.

Hopefully in the near future I will be writing about my engagement (that hasn't happened yet. ahem) to matt, and our road to "i do" but don't worry this won't be a wedding blog. It seriously is just gonna be a blog about me. (psh that sounds selfish).

i hope you enjoy this new venture almost as much as i enjoy a doughnut on a sunday morning. (let's be real a doughnut sounds fantastic every morning, especially an imperfect doughnut.)

and "just because" this sounded fun:

head on over to two thirds hazel and check out everyone else's responses. 


  1. Hi Ashleigh! I don't know if I was following your old blog or not, but I just found your new one from one of your tweets! Can't wait to follow along. :]

    BTW. Staying in Pajamas all day is the best. :]

    Caitlyn | enigmaticambiance.blogspot.com

  2. Love your new blog and the title behind it all :)


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