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Friday, July 25, 2014

My favorite part of the wedding planning process (so far) has been putting together my Bridesmaid Boxes. I think Pinterest has ruined how you ask your bridesmaids to be your maids, you used to just ask "hey wanna be my bridesmaid?" and then they said "yea man." The end. Now you have to go all out and basically make pigs fly to ask them. I didn't mind but lezbehonest it was a little more stressful.  When I thought of all the ways to ask them, I went through all the typical ways. The ring pop way, the tank top/champagne way, the box of popcorn saying "he popped the question, now it's my turn," but I just couldn't do it. I wanted something different, something  unique, and something that is ME. duh. this is all about me right?
So I came up with the "Bridesmaid Box" which would be a cute little box filled with things that they would use leading up to my special day, and things that they would use on my special day.  I am having a brunch wedding so I knew I wanted them all to have cute little robes to wear the day of-the hardest thing to find. ever. I had so many different ideas, and there are so many robes, and girlfriend over here doesn't have the largest budget. I knew I wanted items that would pamper them, and make them feel appreciated for the work they are about to ensue.

Bridesmaid Box:

EOS Chapstick (here)
EOS Hand Lotion (here)
Lush Bath Bomb, Butterball (here) seriously smells soooo good. 
Personalized Pencil, #Partywithyourvanson (here)
Bridesmaid Card (inside envelope, but this is the one i bought here)
Robe (similar here)

also a Bridesmaid Box wouldn't be completed without alcohol, so I included mini bottles of Champs. It was also very fitting because I like Champs, so I bought a few extra. score. 

All of my Bridesmaids appeared to love the box, and thought it was a super cute idea. I loved it and have an extra set of everything for myself :)

how did you ask your bridesmaids?

that marriage thang. part 2

Thursday, July 24, 2014

If you follow me on anything, you will already know what this post is about. If you don't should. But this girl right here is now engaged wha what! Im sure most of y'all already knew that otherwise you wouldn't be here ;) Like I said in previous post I was so ready for him to propose, but so okay that we weren't engaged. Obviously I am beyond ecstatic that we are finally gonna get hitched, and so far it has been an easy-going process. so far.

 I wanted to start from the beginning, I want to have these memories of what I was feeling when we were engaged and the process we went through-so I PLAN to blog the process of our engagement. Hold on to your panties because hopefully this is the process of me making my way back into the blogging world. So first I am going to share with you the YouTube video I made from our trip in which we ended up engaged.

I am going to answer a few questions that I know will come:

No, I did not know it was coming-I recorded our whole trip because I always grew up watching home videos and thought it would be fun to start making our own. I guess it was the perfect trip to start it on.

I didn't know he was proposing until that day, Matthew was showing signs of nervousness, and suppppperrr protective of his pocket. So I put two and two together. I was still just as excited, and I still cried like a little baby.

Yes, we drank at Disneyland, that is why we get the Park Hopper-California Adventure now serves alcohol... we were celebrating. 

Yes, we have a date. I will share that on another post when I share our Save-The-Dates.
I will also show you are venue, and my thoughts and ideas for the space.

So yes, I have a lot of wedding post coming up. I don't care. Pretend to enjoy it with me.
I will also be sharing more of my Photography from a lot of the weddings I have been shooting. say whatttt. 

peace out girl scout. 

oh and here is my gorgeous ring: 

sunday snaps

Sunday, March 16, 2014

this past week i had the joy of shooting a pregnant woman who was absolutely radiant, and I loved joking around and laughing with her. Plus she had sooo much fun with the "lifestyle" shoot too. 

one of my favorite shots from the shoot. Is she just not the most beautiful-at ease looking- prego. 

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