on any given sunday

Friday, December 13, 2013

on any given sunday you will find us hanging out in bed with bogey at our feet (gasp! you let your dog in your bed!!) yes, yes we do. we don't have children yet, bogey is our child; and we are a snuggling family.  we hang out in bed, and most of the time we get into a tickle war before we end up telling each other "your breath stank." we keep it real.
our bed is my favorite, we could use a new mattress--butttt it's still comfy. I love the idea of a bright bedroom, and light sheets/comforters. I love the feeling of being curled up in bed with this big, puffy comforter around you and pillows galore. Our bed will never look like a Pottery Bard ad, and I am okay with that. Those beds look to put together for me... I mean I didn't even put my bed together for this post. I probably should've, I have super cute mint pillows but you can't see them behind those Goods by Grinn pillows:

on sunday we spend ten minutes (okay more like 20, or 30) checking our phones, between all social media accounts I feel like I am always looking at my phone! don't you feel that way? Matt and I have a deal between each other, when we are at dinner, or with our families we try not to take out our phones. We try to be present, in the moment with each other. There are some moments when we want to show each other something and we'll whip it out, but otherwise we try and keep it away.

do you check your phone right away in the morning? or do you wait a bit?
could your bed be in a Pottery Bard ad?

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  1. My bed could never be a pottery barn ad! I spend wayyy too much time in it. haha


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