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Monday, December 16, 2013

When we first moved in together I had a vision for our first place together; I wanted comfy, bright, and airy. We waited 2 months for our apartment because the natural light that pours in is amazing, the "photographer" in me was obsessed. I knew I wanted our apartment to be a mish mash style, I wanted to know that if I saw something at a store that it would fit into our apartment no matter the color or style. Our apartment kind of exudes our personalities, or that's what I think anyway. Our apartment tells OUR story.

welcome to ze casa-or the parts ill show you anyway
matts favorite part of the apartment ;) the couch--and golf/baseball/football/SOA on the television

our bookcase, the first thing you see when you walk in

matt gave me that chalkboard sign before having chalkboard EVERYTHING was cool,
he wrote that the day he gave it to me and I don't have the heart to erase it. 
that piece of paper in the back--well that is OUR song, handwritten lyrics by the lead singer of The Cab. endlessly--the cab. Check em out

matt moved in with like five books, the rest are mine (as i'm sure you guessed)
that yellow piece of paper, is from our first date; we played mini golf. Matt kept the score card all this time and I thought "that is the kind of stuff I want displayed in our house." 

our couch was given to us, and it was supposed to be a "temporary thing" until we bought a new one once we are settled in; well we've been here seven months...and it's still here. This monster couch barely fit in the door, so that is another thing-getting it out. we are lazy. that rug, target FTW

this dresser was mine from when i was seven, seven! it sat in the garage when I got my new bedroom furniture at 19, and when i moved out i told my mom i wanted to take it with me and make it into a tv stand, and wah-lah. it is perfect, it has sooo much storage and matt just took out the top drawer and put in a piece of wood for our cable box and dvd player. 

like this blog infers, i like comfy. so a basket full of blankets is a necessity. 
whether they are used for fort building or for covering my legs because im too lazy to get pants; they are perfect. 

this is our mantra; one of the million we have 
I saw this on alana in love and knew I had to have it,
we are a "kissing couple" which means we always kiss before one leaves, we go to sleep, and when we wake up. yep even with our wonderful morning breath. 

and because no post is complete without this cute munchkin:
"no more pictures mom!"


  1. Love the colors on your wall!

  2. Such a pretty home you've made! I love the little things from your dates and letters to each other that's so sweet!

  3. The first thing I noticed on your book shelf was your copy of Lock and Key. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorites. :]

  4. such a pretty house. I'm dying over the cutest of the saved notes between you both. *makes mental note to do the same*


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